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Article written by Mary B - Feb 24, 2008

SixNationState are a 'should be famous' five with no fixed abode. Since the release of their debut self-titled album they have been gathering hoardes of fans like the pied piper of Hamlin... this has led to travel lodges, zombies and wanting to be a cat. I spoke to Gerry (vox/guitar) over the medium of email with a cup of tea to hand.

Soundsxp: Who are SixNationState?

Gerry: Five best friends!! Gerry, Rich, Neil, John and Alexei!

Soundsxp: What's gypsy punk? Don't say Johnnie Rotten with a headscarf on with crystal ball to hand.

Gerry: :) People were always asking us to summarise our sound and we never really knew how to answer as we don't like to be stylised so we came up with that. None of us have a house... we live out of a back pack in our van and we have a punk DIY ethic... so gypsy punk... but I prefer your meaning!!

Soundsxp: "We could be happy" you say but what is happiness?

Gerry: Listening to The Beatles and drinking tea!

Soundsxp: What have you brought back from your euro tour with you (experience wise not souvenir wise though you may mention any bargains if you must) that makes you smile and grimace on reflection?

Gerry: They love to give you meat, bread and cheese on the continent. They seem to thrive off of it... but it doesn't really do much for your insides. On reflection I should have eaten some vegetables but fuck it we were on tour! I can be healthy another time. I came back from touring a wreck!

Soundsxp: Why are travel lodges influential?

Gerry: We spend half our lives in travel lodges so they have started to rub off on us. I think we're gonna do our next record in a travel lodge, use the toilet as a live room. Singing always sounds good in the shower.

Soundsxp: What are SixNationState trying to achieve with their music?

Gerry: Eventual world domination. Have you seen Bill and Ted?? Their music achieved world peace and made everybody be excellent to each other. That would be cool!

Soundsxp: I love some of your videos especially 'So long' and 'We could be happy'. How much of that is your idea and how much is external input?

Gerry: Both were our ideas. The 'We could be happy' one was directed and filmed by somebody else but other than that all the videos we have made are written, directed and filmed by us.

Instead of doing another single from our record, we have decided to take the budget and film videos to every song on our album. They look great and we did them for about two hundred pounds for the lot. SOOOOO much cheaper than doing a single and they all look phenomenal.

Soundsxp: What one magic power would you like? I want the 'never ending wine glass' power as featured in your 'So long' video.

Gerry: Hmmmmmmm... I would like to be able to turn into a cat so I could sleep all day and no one would try to wake me. Cats have it easy. My mum and dad's cat has been sleeping all day.

Or I'd like to be like that super hero, Orgasmo, in that film, 'Orgasmo'.

Soundsxp: What would you do if you came across a real life zombie? (not one from your video) Why are there zombies in one of your videos? Are zombies the in thing?

Gerry: When we were thinking of doing the video album idea we were looking for ideas for the themes of the vids. I had been watching '28 days later' and it came to me... "Taking me over"... yes! zombies! We've always wanted to do a zombie video so it made perfect sense. If I came across a real one i'd probably shit my pants and run. I don't deal with the living dead very well.

Soundsxp: Why are we going via Southampton and Reading?

Gerry: To pick up some biscuits and sea water!

Soundsxp: What is the meaning of life?

Gerry: To never write a shit song and never release a shit album!

Soundsxp: What music makes SixNationState keep dancing and what music makes them lie on their bed and ponder?

Gerry: All music makes me do both! I love to dance to reggae, soul or dub. It's like the perfect dancing music. The bass is always amazing and you can feel it vibrate through you... perfect!

And all music makes me ponder... The Beatles, Blur, The Good The Bad and the Queen, Simon and Garfunkel, Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, The Coral, The Zutons, The Bees, Led Zep, Nick Drake, Captain Beefheart, The Who etc etc etc etc... even shit music makes me ponder... "How the fuck are these people successful?"

Soundsxp: What can one expect from your single 'Where are you now?'

Gerry: They can expect a joyous ode to lost love and old friendships. The person it's about doesn't talk to me anymore but i'd love to know what they think of it.

Soundsxp: And where are you now as you answer this question?

Gerry: At my parent's house enjoying a very rare day off, drinking tea and listening to The Beatles.

Soundsxp: And where are you going? (not just after anwsering this question though if you're making a tea i'll have one) What does 2008 hold for SixNationState?

Gerry: More touring, writting the second album, festivals, more touring, recording the second album... then more writing and more touring...

..and then more tea? Look out for SixNationState because they're coming to a travel lodge near you soon...


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