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Architecture in Helsinki

Article written by Mary B - Sep 3, 2006


Architecture in Helsinki are a bunch of Aussies with a bagful of musical instruments and a skipload of ideas. I engaged in a spot of cyber chat with Cameron from the band.

SoundsXP: You are from Australia so the natural name for your band would be Architecture in Helsinki. I am of course being sarcastic. Where did the name come from?

Cameron: We bought the name on Ebay for $1.25 plus postage.

SoundsXP: There are eight of you. In fact your band is the mirror image of my family but with instruments. There must be tension! Is it at its worst in the recording process or on tour? And how did you all meet?

Cameron: There is now actually 6 of us. There is always tension, but if there wasn't then our band would suck! I feel like tension is so vital when songwriting and touring . It creates this degree of passion that isn't present in bands that are complacent. How did we meet? We met at a hotdog stand at half time in an australian rules football match when Kellie and James started arguing over condiments.

SoundsXP: Cameron, is it true you rode an exercise bike on stage and encouraged the audience to participate in work out sessions? Why would you do that?

Cameron: Cos I was trying to get rid of some teenage puppy fat.

SoundsXP: Pretend that I am an alien. Try and describe your music to me (bit of a brain twister, hey?)

Cameron: It is like the natives of the ex planet Pluto teamed up with the natives of Jupiter and jammed on some Elton John records.

SoundsXP: Can you tell me a bit about the Australian indie music scene? I like to ask the people who are living in it. Who are the movers and shakers? What is the most dominant sound out there at the moment?

Cameron: There is no dominant sound. It is kinda fertile in all genres. There is an incredible experimental scene with artists like Francis Plagne, Anthony Pateras, Qua and Snawklor. There's a great hip hop scene with Macromantics, Curse ov dialect and the New Pollutants and then there are dozens of great bands playing; Kes, Ground Components, Love of diagrams, Clue to kalo, New buffalo etc etc etc. I kinda don't like to look at countries or cities as scenes.. I would much prefer that everything bled together...
SoundsXP: When are you in England, preferably London, next? I want to experience your music live (and challenge you all to a scissor paper rock tournament)

Cameron: No London shows until our next record is made and released which will probably be in the Spring of 2007. Cannot wait to come back, we love playing there soooo much...

SoundsXP: What I love about you all is your distinct sense of individuality when it comes to image. I hate the way that image is tied to music. How do you feel about that as a band?

Cameron: Yeah, it's true we are a rag tag bunch. I guess we really don't care much for that side of music. I mean, that's not really what music is about. We're all for being ourselves.

SoundsXP: When I combine you all together you can play just about any instrument on planet earth. Do you agree with me when I say that the castanets have suffered a grave injustice - they should be used more!

Cameron: Castanets are so fricking hard to play. I always try and play along to Phil Spector records with castanets and I'm like.. 'There is no way I will ever be able to play that'!

SoundsXP: What is next for Architecture in Helsinki? Where is the creative hand leading you next?

Cameron: We are working on our new record at the moment, and we're all totally amped about it. It is wildly different again to the last record in many ways, but a total progression. I feel like the more we play live the better we are in the studio. Everything we have made thus far is so much more confident. It is a total party record this time around. Equal parts Steely Dan, Paul Simon, Lumidee and Talking Heads! Mash it up!

SoundsXP: Thank you for your time Cameron. So there you have it. Dear readers you should now go and purchase a copy of the brilliant 'In case we die' album to tide you over and scribble Architecture in Helsinki all over your hands...


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