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The Envelopes

Article written by Paul M - Sep 15, 2005


4 Swedish boys and 1 French girl, the Envelopes play splendid fuzzy pop. Now living in York, I was lucky enough to pop a few questions to them.

SXP - How did you manage to keep together as a band for that time when you were spread across 3 cities and 2 countries?

The Envelopes - It turns out it’s harder to keep together now when we live in one house. In the olden days we sure had to overcome distances but when someone offered us a gig somewhere we could often find the time to rehearse and then do the gig. We just needed 3 days of rehearsal. As for the recordings we did it in the holidays. We met up at a holiday house.

We were pretty lucky at the time then cos there was this plane company Goodjet, they had great prices between Paris and Sweden, sometimes we flew for 20 kr (5 pounds), but now it’s over… they’re bankrupt….Otherwise at the beginning we took the bus a lot, takes 15 hours, the first times are really nice, you get to go across the Baltic sea at 7 in the morning in a totally deserted boat.

SXP - Why did you move to York?

The Envelopes - For the wonderful climate and the famous pig smell. Actually, its because big houses are cheap.

SXP - How are you finding the city?

The Envelopes - Old, beautiful and with a lack of sushi places. Proper Friday and Saturday nights with people making out and throwing up in the streets …

SXP - Is there an Ikea near there?

The Envelopes - Tried to find it once actually! But it was too far or something…we bought a lot of stuff in a big second hand store called Banana Ware House where you can get insulted by the guy working there if you´re talented enough.

SXP - What do you miss about Sweden and France?

The Envelopes - Sun. I don´t dare to say good meat. Friends and pets.

SXP - Do you hang out together socially now that you can?

The Envelopes - Well, nowadays we´re kind of always together … in the house, in the van, at the gigs, after the gigs…So sometimes we got really fed up with everybody. We´re glad when there´s new people around us when we got out and stuff. We invite friends a lot.

SXP - Sweden is a hotbed of great new talent at the moment. Are you friends with any other bands?

The Envelopes - Yeah. The Radio Departement. We went to the same school. And each time we go to the seaside we pass the farm of the parents guitarist.

SXP - I detect a number of US bands from the 90s in your sound, particularly Pavement, Apples in Stereo and the Pixies. Are you familiar with these bands?

The Envelopes - Yeah Pixies are our life. We don´t know Apple in Stereo we´re gonna check them out cos they always pop up. Pavement we know and like. You should check Bob Hund, you will die.

SXP - Who are your musical heroes?

The Envelopes - Bob Hund. Pixies. Smiths.

SXP - You all look very fresh faced. How old are you?

The Envelopes - Maybe you want to marry us? If you want to know everything, we still live at our parents place.

SXP - Did you really win a Benacissm demo contest?

The Envelopes - YES. Best day of our lives. Cinco nicotines at the airport. 28 degrees in the back stage pool. It’s a little disgusting but beautiful.

SXP - Didn¹t you also play T in the Park?

The Envelopes - Yes we did. At 12.30.

SXP - Do you enjoy these big festivals?

The Envelopes - Only the back stage. All festivals should be in Spain. Dry ground and warm nights.

SXP - How did the Clor tour go?

The Envelopes - Really good. Its always crowded with them. And we liked to watch their show, that´s always good when you tour with a band. Otherwise you have to lie. And we were with the Young knives as well, they´re great. They share their beers one day. We wanted to steal their van cos they had playstation in.

SXP - Why did you change your name from the Nicotines?

The Envelopes - It’s for our mothers, we want them to be proud.

SXP – Thanks Envelopes!


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