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Single Review

Adam Tedder
It'll be soon/Eastern Girls Whimsical Records

Article written by Mary B - Feb 1, 2007

Adam Tedder is a London based singer/songwriter who also works as an actor. He also designed the front sleeve artwork for this debut single. These tracks were mastered in no less than Abbey Road Studios, the mecca of the music world: impressive for a debut, download only double-A single. Is he a jack of all trades and a master of none though? 'It'll be soon' will not grab the listener's attention immediately. After a few listens though you might just be rewarded with a beautifully composed song. It's got a subtle and yet effective piano tinkling in the background throughout it accompanied by some beautiful string arrangements. The lyrics, which are obviously based on thoughts about religion/the afterlife, leave you feeling quite sad but in a kind of good way. Adam's vocals are really soothing and this is a 'lie down on your bed and listen' track. You can't stay in a contemplative mood for too long however as 'Eastern girls', the other song on this release, has a totally different vibe and subject matter. It starts out sounding slightly like 'Wuthering Heights' but soon gathers pace and turns into an indie rock track. And where the vocals were gentle in 'It'll be soon', Adam's voice in this song has more attitude, for want of a better word. His vocal performance is varied throughout this track. Mr Tedder states that 'Eastern Girls' is about 'bravely, brutally but not bitterly moving on.' The two singles make for quite an interesting contrast and after several listens to this debut release I think it will be hard for anybody to define his music, based solely on this offering. If Tedder keeps producing this kind of work he may become a master of at least one trade for a selected audience. With downloads being lovingly accepted into the arms of the music charts, he may just find recognition will come soon.


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