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Special Feature

Record Store Day's Black Friday : Our pick of the best out on 23/11

Article written by Paul M - Oct 16, 2012

RSD-Black Friday
Following the huge successes over the last few years of April's annual Record Store Day, it was inevitable that some would see it as a chance to get collectors dipping into their pockets more often. So, it is with no surprise whatsoever, that the 23rd of November 2012 has now been rebranded Black Friday and will see dozens of, mainly old releases, repackaged and sold to us again. It's also no surprise that the labels involved are almost entirely the majors, and the acts they've focused on, chiefly the big players but once again only independent music retailers will be selling them so don't bother looking on Amazon or queueing up down Tescos. Additionally, there are some decent items lined up and we've picked out the most SoundsXP friendly. If you want the full list and details of b-sides etc, head over to the Record Store Day site.

Here's our selection:

Band Of Horses - Sonic Ranch Sessions (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
Beach Boys - Beach Boys (FORMAT: 10” Vinyl)
Eric Burdon and The Greenhornes - Apolinere Enameled (FORMAT: LP)
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Abba Zaba/Yellow Brick Road (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Plastic Factory/Where There's A Woman (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Upon The My-O-My / I Got Love On My Mind (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
Gene Clark - Echoes/I Found You (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
Leonard Cohen / Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah 7 (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
David Bowie - Genie (FORMAT: LP)
Bob Dylan - Duquesne Whistle (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
Gaslight Anthem - Hold You Up (FORMAT: 10” Vinyl)
Lee Hazelwood - You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1967-1970 (11 X 7 Box Set) (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl Box Set)
Wanda Jackson - Capitol Rarities (FORMAT: 10” Vinyl)
Daniel Johnston - Fun (FORMAT: LP)
Bettye Lavette - More Thankful, More Thoughtful (FORMAT: CD)
Love - Forever Changes (FORMAT: LP)
Lucero - Live At Sun Studios (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
M83 - Reunion Remix 12 (FORMAT: LP)
Mogwai - A Wrenched Vile Lore (FORMAT: LP)
My Morning Jacket - It Makes No Difference (Live Ft. Brittany Howard) (FORMAT: 10” Vinyl)
Nirvana - 20th Anniversary Edition Of Incesticide 45rpm Edition (FORMAT: LP)
Primus - Green Naugahyde 10 (FORMAT: 10” Vinyl)
Joey Ramone - Ya Know? Limited Edition Deluxe Album (FORMAT: CD)
Tyler Ramsey (Band of Horses) - Raven Shadow/Black Pines (FORMAT: LP)
Soundtrack - Reservoir Dogs (FORMAT: LP)
Rockabye Baby - Rockabye Baby! Lullabys Of The Flaming Lips-Format: Vinyl
Asobi Seksu/Boris - Split 7 (FORMAT: 7” 45)
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros/Aaron Embry - Give Me A Sign / Moon Of The Daylit Sky (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
Shins - No Way Down / Fall Of '82 (Swift Sessions) (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
Joe Strummer - Live At Acton Town Hall (FORMAT: LP)
Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones (Ep) (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground & Nico - Scepter Studios Acetate (FORMAT: LP)
White Stripes - “Fell In Love With A Girl” B/W “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
White Stripes - “Hotel Yorba” (Live At The Hotel Yorba) B/W “Rated X” (Live At The Hotel Yorba) (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
White Stripes - “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground” B/W “Stop Breaking Down” (Format: 7” Vinyl)
Link Wray - Big City After Dark (Format: 7” Vinyl)
Frank Zappa - Why Don'cha Do Me Right, Big Leg Emma (FORMAT: 7” Vinyl)
Johnny Cash - Fabulous Johnny Cash (FORMAT: LP)


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